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English is the global language. If you are a company operating in the international marketplace, then English language skills are a must. They not only convey professionalism but also help consolidate business relationships or even put you a step above the competition. Ministry for English will help you use the English language as a tool to success. We will ensure that you present your company, your brand, or yourself, in a manner that will garner interest and respect from the international business community.

What we do

Ministry for English runs language workshops to help you and your employees approach international business dealings free of anxiety. Our teaching blocks include phoning, introductions, small talk, face-to-face meetings, idioms, cultural interaction and the language of problem solving. In addition, we offer presentation training to help you overcome the challenge of connecting with an audience in English. Ministry for English also provides wide-ranging writing, editing, proofreading and transcribing services for websites, print adverts, business plans, memos, presentations, professional documents, brochures, letters and speeches.

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English coaching services

English Coaching

Ministry for English training builds self-confidence. Our emphasis is on getting you to talk in English as much as possible with the aim of making you the best communicator you can be. Coaching sessions are far removed from a typical classroom situation because we seek to create an atmosphere that makes learning fun. We use intelligent games and role-playing connected to everyday scenarios. We cater to groups or professional individuals – from beginner to expert level. You may want to provide regular in-house training to your employees or prepare yourself for a business meeting abroad. Whatever your requirements, we will provide coaching to remove the embarrassment of being tongue-tied amongst native English speakers.

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English presentation and interview training services

Presentation Training

Speaking to an audience in your non-native tongue can be very stressful. You can know your subject inside out, but if your public delivery is not up to scratch, then you will come across as poorly prepared or ill-informed. This often means people approach presentations or speaking to camera with a sense of doom, rather than viewing it as an occasion to show their competence. Our training enables you to confidently deliver the correct English words and phrases for the moment. We help you navigate the many Dos and Don’ts of addressing an audience and assist you in turning potential disaster into consummate success.

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English editing and proofreading services

Editing / Proofreading

A properly revised document demonstrates a company’s professionalism and shows its readiness to engage in global business. The purpose of this service is to improve the flow of writing, raising it to an exceptional level of presentation. We conduct a comprehensive review of your documentation in British or American Standard English. In short, we check and change: style, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, repetition and idiom. If you are hoping to enhance your reputation as a global business, then our editing/proofreading service is here to help you.

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English writing services


The most important aspect of writing is capturing and maintaining the interest of a reader. This has never been truer in an age of shortened attention spans. Ministry for English delivers immediately engaging and informative texts, regardless of the medium. We are able to achieve this through a combination of discipline and style – the former we learnt, the latter found us over time. Our expertise in writing is based on years of experience writing for TV, radio, film and the Internet. Whatever your field of business, whether you need formal or informal language, we create works of lasting impact.

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English transcription services


English-speaking countries and their range of regional dialects and accents make it difficult for non-native speakers to transcribe audio recordings. In addition, there are place names, cultural references, idioms and local phrases that create further problems. The result is that challenging transcriptions can be time-consuming, inaccurate, and ultimately, rather costly. Ministry for English has experience in dealing with English-speaking people from all over the world – including the United States, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, Australia the Caribbean. We have travelled and worked extensively in many English-speaking countries, giving us a significant advantage when carrying out transcriptions.

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What our clients say

“I work as a receptionist for the Grand City Hotels in Berlin and we do periodical training seminars. Ministry for English conducted a two-day English workshop with us at the Mark Hotel. I found the lessons to be very helpful and interesting. They have a good teaching system and get the attention of the attendees. I recommend them as very diligent English trainers.” Elena Muinos Castro, Receptionist, GCH Hotels GmbH
“Highly recommend Ministry for English. Reliable producers. They show natural initiative and are great communicators.” Paul Pasquale, Head of Video News Reel, Thomson Reuters Corporation
“I was in a group that was taught English over a number of months by Darren from Ministry for English. The teaching was funny, but also very educational. The lessons were always interesting with role-playing and discussions covering a variety of topics. I would recommend Darren to anybody.” Anett Bruessau, Accountant, Berliner Wasserbetriebe
“Ministry for English worked with tremendous personal dedication, professionalism and gave sound advice during the editing of texts for our special ‘25 Years – Fall of the Wall’ anniversary English edition. Their work meant that the first edition of The Berlin Times became a quality product read worldwide. We would gladly welcome Ministry for English as partners for upcoming projects.” Janine Kulbrok, Project Coordinator, Times Media GmbH
“I am pleased to say that Ministry for English have been of great support to Grafton Entertainment. They wrote the first profile for my act Mr 2kay when he originally signed to Grafton Records. It helped promote Mr 2kay, one of Nigeria’s most talked about artists, to an international audience. I recommend Ministry for English to anyone who wishes to use their services.” Tonye Ibamina, CEO, Grafton Entertainment UK Ltd.
“We used the Ministry for English transcription service on our Bill Drummond documentary ‘Imagine Waking Up And All Music Has Disappeared’. It not only saved time and money but also helped director Stefan Schwietert gain a greater understanding of the subject. I would not hesitate to use them again.” Helge Albers, Founder/Producer, Flying Moon Filmproduktion GmbH

Who we are

Ministry for English is a Berlin-based business formed to meet the growing demand for English language services in Germany and beyond. We have years of experience using English in TV, radio, film and the Internet in various fields: advertising, marketing, events, promotion, news coverage, sports journalism and photography. Our aim is to give companies and professional individuals tailor-made English services that will assist them in enhancing their image or brand worldwide.

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If you wish to use our services, or have any questions regarding them, please feel free to contact us via phone +49 30 46797162 or e-mail

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